Elementor UI Color Plugin

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Elementor introduced its revamped user interface design in version 3.12, shining in the brand’s signature pink hue. This immediately sparked a lively debate within the community.

As we know, colors can evoke a wide range of emotions. Reactions to the latest UI update were mixed; some celebrated the new design, others found it mediocre, and a third group completely rejected it.

I belong to the latter group. Since the design change, I have been experiencing regular eye strain while working with my favorite editor, Elementor. This led me to write a small plugin that resets Elementor’s editor UI colors back to their previous state.

Of course, one could manually change the corresponding CSS files, but given the frequent updates from Elementor, you would need to consistently overwrite the modified CSS files with the older design. In the long run, this is quite frustrating. Often, when needing to make a quick change, it’s easier to endure the eye strain rather than rewriting the customized CSS files.

I am now considering making my plugin available to others and possibly extending its features to allow users to set their own colors via a settings page. However, as I would need to adapt to CSS changes from Elementor, I cannot offer this service for free.

Would you consider such a plugin to be worth €12 per year? If enough people are interested, I will promptly work on implementing a configurable Elementor Editor UI Color Plugin.

Please send me a brief message at if you’re interested.

Best regards, Kay Lenze

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